Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year!

I decided to post our Holiday letter to the blog. I am so busy and really do not have the time to mail out 75 cards. So I hope you will forgive me. Jacob usually writes the holiday letter but he too is crazy busy, so I am going to attempt to update you all on our lives. (The Family Pictures were all taken in our yard in St. Anthony)

2011 did not disappoint this year! We had a marvelous time including trips, camping, family dinners, friends, work, school, dance, basketball, swimming, and soccer. It was a wonderful year.

Jake: He continues to enjoy his work with Eastern Idaho Technical College and Idaho State University. He has worked hard this year so we were able to enjoy some much needed vacations!

Hoover Dam October 2011

Lisa: I continue to work for Central High School in Rexburg. I am completely in love with my job and am grateful everyday that I get to work at such a fine school!

Emma, 12 years old: She has blossomed this year and has become a beautiful young woman. We are so lucky that we have such a remarkable daughter. She continues her competition dance team. She is on the Senior team this year. We have just entered competition season and I am so excited! I love watching her dance. She also played 7th grade basketball and really enjoyed that. Jake and I did not enjoy how much she was gone! So she has decided to just stick to one extracurricular and she chose dance. (secretly, of course, this thrilled me!) She is also in the Junior High Band, where she plays percussion and she will be playing the piano in their competition in May. And of course she continues to get straight A's. So proud of our Emma!

Jack, 9 years old: Our blue eyed boy is doing wonderful. He is in the 4th grade this year and we can't keep the knocks on the door from happening. His friends love to come over and I am so glad. He has made such wonderful friends here in St. Anthony. He continues to enjoy scouting, where he is working on his bear. He played basketball and soccer, which he is progressing in quite nicely. He could excel at either sport. He is playing the piano, which he most definitely has an ear for. He practices one song once and he has it down. And of course he is the best big brother a boy could ask for!

Charley, 7 years old: He is in 1st grade this year...what a wonderful thing this has been. We have loved watching him grow and mature. He is reading non-stop. And I love it! He loves his class and friends. He isn't playing any sports or piano quite yet. We will start those in second grade. But he seems content to watch his brother and sister as they participate in their various activities. He is starting to want to play with others and has done so on occasion but for the most part he is so happy to play with Jack. I love that they are the best of friends. It makes my heart smile!

Summer 2011 was one of the most relaxing summers we have had in a long time. I wasn't working or in school for the first time in like 5 years so it was just an enjoyable, relaxing summer. We just played, hiked, (my most favorite hike was to Hidden Falls in the Grand Tetons!) exercised, and swam. It really was an incredible summer.

Family hike to Hidden Falls in the Grand Tetons; July 2011

Jake and I took a couple weekend trips to Sacramento and Las Vegas and spent some lovely time with friends and family there.

Potter Family
Laie, Oahu, Hawaii July 2011

Jake and I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my family in July. We hadn't yet been to Hawaii so we were so excited to see what it had to offer. And it did not disappoint. It was a beautiful vacation. We were able to reconnect with my siblings and parents and had a wonderful time. We hiked (Jake's favorite), swam with turtles (my favorite), snorkeled, saw waterfalls, beautiful mountains and flowers, ate (alot!), and just relaxed with my family! Lovely, lovely vacation. We are ready to take our kids back with us!

Oahu July 2011

We surprised the kids for Christmas and took them to Disneyland. It really was the best family vacation we had taken. There is something magical about Disneyland at Christmas. The kids had a wonderful time. And even Jake was not disappointed. I am impressed with how well they run the park. And if you have been there in the last 10 years, you know that the Fast Passes are a lifesaver. We will for sure go back. LOVED IT!!!

Disneyland Christmas Tree: Christmas Eve 2011

California Adventure: Christmas Day 2011

2011 has been a marvelous year and we are looking forward to see what 2012 has to offer. We think of each of you often and are grateful for your presence in our lives. May you find peace and happiness in the coming year.


The Haeberle's

Jake, Lisa, Emma, Jack and Charley

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jack's 9th Birthday

The next three posts will be a catch of the kids' birthdays for the past year.

Jack turned 9 this year (June 11, 2011)! Is he really 9? It is hard to believe. I am in awe of what my little Jack Man has become. He is a loyal friend, a brave boy and the most loving brother! I am so proud of him.

5 Things we LOVE about our Jack!

1. His piercing blue eyes. They melt my heart every time he looks at me!

2. Jack has a quit wit about him. Always on his toes!

3. He loves to include Charley no matter what the activity is. Which I love! He loves his brother dearly. He NEVER tells him to go away..Love that!

4. Jack is one curious boy. He never quits asking us questions, which I love! Keep them coming Jack!

5. Jack excels at Math and Science, which is wonderful! I am so glad he is able to find the joy in these subjects.

Jack's Sonic Olympics!

Jack wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog themed birthday party. We decided to add an Olympic twist to it. We had medals, games, and closing ceremonies! It was so much fun! (even I had a great time!)

Each party attendee became a Sonic character (hence a name tag to declare their character) when they arrived. And then we were OFF! The Sonic Olympians played Kickball, Discus throw, Long Jump, Sprint, and Slalom. The kids seemed to have a great time! And I must give a shout out to Mary Haeberle for her help at the party! Thanks Mary :)

Jack's new Mountain Bike. He has not been off it since his birthday!
Jake demonstrating the "Slalom" event
Everyone received a medal at the end of the games. It was fun to see how excited they got!

The whole Sonic the Hedgehog Olympic team! They are all WINNERS!

Emma's 12th Birthday (that's right 12!!!)

Emma turned 12 on February 10, 2011. She decided to have a hot tub party with all her friends. She has made quite a few friends since we moved to St. Anthony last July. I am not surprised. She is such a wonderful person to be around. Her kindness is wonderful and I know all these girls have felt that. I think the girls all had a terrific time!

Our favorite things about our charming Emma!

1. She is the best Babysitter in the world! I am so grateful for all the hours of babysitting she puts in for us for FREE! She is a lifesaver.

2. She is excelling wonderfully at music, which makes Jake and I so happy. We have a love for music and we are grateful that she is enjoying band and piano. Her band teacher says she is the best 6th grade percussionist (spelling?) he has ever seen! Pretty sweet!

3. Emma has a heart of GOLD! She loves to help out and be of service.

4. She does her own Laundry now! Of course that is more good for me than her ;)

5. Since the day Emma was born she has been fiercely independent. I love this because she is able to do things on her own without being asked! Yay!

Emma is amazing young woman and we are so proud of the choices she is making in her life.

Emma's two closest friends came up from Pocatello to celebrate her birthday. Katelyn and Lacey. Love those girls!

Charley's 6th birthday

We went bowling with all of Charley's cousins for his 6th birthday. (September 30, 2010) It was a great time! He LOVES to bowl!

The top 5 reasons we love our Charley!

1. He gives the best hugs! I mean it, ask him to give you a won't regret it. :)

2. He has a comment for everything. (And they are usually drop on the floor funny comments!)

3. His smile. It is contagious!

4. His devotion to his brother and sister. He would do anything for them.

5. Charley has a love for life like I have never seen before. I am always striving to embrace life the way he does.

We are so grateful for Charley. I know he will do great things in his life!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 Christmas Letter on the Cheap

We thought we'd post this year's Christmas Letter for those who didn't warrant the price of postage.

Dear Family and Friends December 2010

And we thought we got snow in the Portneuf Valley! I can tell you that those winters can’t hold a candle to those along the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, primarily because any attempt at lighting a candle would be thwarted by feet of snow and howling winds. Sad, too, because a lit candle would be so warm. For those of you not in the loop, our family has changed our place of business, meaning the place from which we provide business for others. Such is the life of an academic whose best skills include finding the last purse she will ever need on a monthly basis (Lisa) and recognizing the fact that homemade meals just taste so much better when someone else makes them for us at their restaurant (Jake). While we definitely miss our friends and waiters in Pocatello, we have found the Upper Valley has people equally as friendly and Mexican restaurants just . . . jus . . . ju – almost as good as El Herredero in Poky.

Some of the nicest people we have come in contact with have been those who spend time with Charley (which makes them immediately suspect in my book). He started Kindergarten this year, and while he seems to enjoy his new friends, he is not sure about the teacher lady. She has too many “mean” rules like, “You can’t hug your neighbor.” When she isn’t busy enforcing such draconian measures, she and her aid will sit and stare at Charley and comment on his looks or personality. Additionally, at church, there are two or three of the Primary Presidency who will fight over who gets to sit and spend time with Charley. Remarkably, Charley seems to be utterly unaware of his admirers, and when he does something that has them beaming or laughing at him, he won’t, as would be expected in most children, repeat whatever it was that got him the attention; he merely looks at them as one would look at a clock, knowing that it is trying to tell him something, but not really wanting to know anything from it. My projection for Charley as of 2010: the star of his own YouTube channel.

While Charley is busy winning people over with his charms, Jack is winning them with fierce loyalty – and just a little technology. Jack has managed to maintain friendships in both his hometown and new neighborhood, primarily through their recognition that Jack is the most genuine friend they have known, as well as the fact that he has some pretty awesome Wii games at his house. Jack’s interests, though still firmly grounded in all things video game related, have begun to broaden. He started piano lessons this year and will start basketball this winter. He continues to excel at math and reading. And on those long drives when his Nintendo DS has lost power, he can always turn to a recent hobby – watching Charley like he is a television. Who can blame him? There’s always something new on and you never get reruns. Now, if we just had a DVR. I would really love to “pause” him sometimes. My projection for Jack as of 2010: the co-owner (because he could never leave his friends) of a Video Stop.

Emma. Emma, Emma, Emma. She is almost twelve. Almost. We will see if we let her get to that one. Don’t worry. She won’t read this. How do I know she won’t? Because I will ask her to read it. And she will refuse. Simple. Despite the early onset of teenageitis, I must admit that she is turning out to be a truly remarkable person. She is fully responsible, caring, trustworthy, capable, talented, loving and very mature for her age. She respects her elders and dotes on her younger cousins. She plays the piano with the sensitivity of a virtuoso and roughhouses with the ferocity of the Undertaker. Emma’s three years of piano have allowed her to play percussion for the sixth grade band. She also continues to dance, now at Dance Addiction in Rexburg. My projection for Emma as of 2010: anything that doesn’t involve her needing her parent’s permission.

As for Lisa and me, 2010 has been a pretty quiet year. Not much has happened, really. Oh, except that Lisa student-taught at Century High School in Pocatello while I taught eight class in three different cities, we prepared our house to be sold if the need ever arose (it did), Lisa applied to several jobs and was offered two (took one), we needed to move almost instantly to start the new Job at Central High School in Rexburg (a job which Lisa was made for), we sold our house to the first person who looked at it, we purchased our dream home in St. Anthony (come visit, you’ll see), we packed and moved over one weekend, we registered kids for school, piano lessons, etc., we spearheaded a sixtieth wedding anniversary/reunion (thanks to everyone who made that come off so well), Lisa wrote a year’s worth of lesson plans over two days, we all started school on the same day, we lost the best example of a human being you would ever want to know (my father), and now I sit here writing this letter, feeling compelled to tell you that I was lying – there is no Mexican restaurant in the Upper Valley even close to El Herradero.

Merry Christmas!

Charley, Jack, Emma, Lisa, and Jake Haeberle

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas! My parents came from New Hampshire (they usually always join us)! It wouldn't be Christmas without them! It was our first Christmas in our new home and I had a lot of fun decorating this year. We had Christmas Dinner with Jacob's sisters and Mother. And Joel (Jacob's Nephew) joined us this year! It was so fun to have him there. He spent the whole day with us. The kids loved it! Especially since he brought his Xbox Kinect. We played games, ate lots and enjoyed our family. I love Christmas and the joy it brings into our home. It is such a peaceful and loving day! Enjoy a glimpse of Christmas at our house!

Charley ready for Church!
Emma with her new sweater on...

Sweet handsome.
Gran opening her gift from us. We made her a scrapbook of the Haeberle Family Reunion/60th Anniversary.

Johanna and Len joined us for dessert...and Len brought a yummy Key Lime Pie!
Grandpa....we love him dearly!
So happy Joel was with us this year!

Our scarves from Germany (My parents recently went on a trip there.)
Our Sweet Grandma!!!
My parents....aren't they so cute! They are still in love after all these years.